CICSD Journal – Volume 31, Fall 2004

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A Counseling Training Module for Students in Speech-Language Pathology Training Programs
Joan N. Kaderavek, John M. Laux, Norbert H. Mills

The Discrimination of English Vowels by Bilingual Spanish/English and Monolingual English Speakers
Sandra Levey, Denise Cruz

A Clinician's Introduction to Systematic Reviews in Communication Disorders: The Course Review Paper With Muscle
Rebecca J. McCauley, Patricia Hargrove

Discharge Practices in the University Clinical Setting
M. McNamara, Jane Hindenlang, Paul W. Cascella

Pursuit of the Speech-Language Pathology Doctorate: Who, Why, Why Not
Charles L. Madison, Barbara Guy, Melissa Koch

The Effects of Time and Temperature Changes on Liquids Thickened to Nectar and Honey Consistencies
Cathy Koperna, Kara Scarnecchia, Robert S. Pierce

Perception of Hearing Loss by Graduate Students of Speech-Language Pathology
Mary Aguila-Vinson, Jennifer Lister, Theresa Hnath-Chisolm, Patricia Blake-Rahter

Social Identity and the Stuttering Experience
Fran Hagstrom, Derek E. Daniels

Perception of Muscle Strength With and Without Biofeedback During Swallowing and Fist-Clenching Tasks
Sarah Fitzgerald, Maggie Lee Huckabee, Emily Lin, Tanya Coombes, Melissa Bryant