CICSD Journal – Volume 29, Fall 2002

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Satisfaction of Graduate Students Involved in a Web-Based Learning Experience in Speech-Language Pathology
Patricia Blackwell, Casey M. Roach, Barbara M. Baker

Job Stress in Speech-Language Pathologists Working in Rural, Suburban, and Urban Schools: Social Support and Frequency of Interactions
Constance Dean Qualls, Carol Scheffner Hammer

A Survey of Speech-Language Pathologists' Criteria To Determine Safety for Oral Intake
Lori A. Davis, Karol K. Rideout

Interactions Between Fluency and Phonological Disorders: A Case Study
Anthony J. Caruso, Camille Angello Ritt, Ronald K. Sommers

Cultural Diversity Is More Than Group Differences: An Example from the Mexican American Community
Barbara L. Rodriguez, Lesley B. Olswang

Information About Stuttering on the Internet: A Resource for School Speech-Language Pathologists
Glen M. Tellis, Rodney M. Gabel, Denise Smith, Cari M. Tellis

Speech-Language Pathologists' Attitudes and Practices Regarding the Assessment of Children's Phonemic Awareness Skills: Results of a National Survey
Maggie Watson, Rodney Gabel

The Evolution of an Urban Bilingual/Multicultural Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology
Sylvia Y. Walters, Elaine F. Geller

Phonological Awareness Acquisition in Children With Coexisting Mental Retardation and Behavioral Disorders
Julie A. Celek, Monica Gordon Pershey, Donna M. Fox