CICSD Journal – Volume 27, Fall 2000

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Culturally Appropriate Assessment for Children Living in Rural Areas
Thalia J. Coleman

Strategies for Recruiting African American and Hispanic Women as Participants in Research
Caron Scheffner Hammer

Mediated Action Analysis: A Tool for Planning Zones of Proximal Development From Standardized Test
Fran Hagstrom

The Effects of Four Key Strategies Within a Communicative Reading Strategies Construct: A Single-Subject Design for Two Third Graders With Language-Learning Disabilities
Monica L. Bellon, Lori Allyson Cantrell

Evaluative Reactions to Service Delivery: "Oracular Reasoning" in Clinical Contexts
Dona Kovarsky, Jay Singer, Lisa Beatty, Tom Iacono, Amber Franklin

Disfluency in Nonstuttering African American Preschoolers During Conversation and Narrative Discourse
Tommie L. Robinson, Jr., Johnetta G. Davis, Thomas A. Crowe

Outcomes in Clinical Training: Views of Graduate Students' Clinical Expertise by Externship Supervisors
Karyn Bobkoff Katz and Pamela G. Garn-Nunn, University of Akron, Ohio; Loretta M. Nunez

Historical Perspectives on Stuttering Treatment: Dean Williams
Robert W. Quesal, J. Scott Yarus

A Revised Component Model for diagnosing and Treating Children Who Stutter
Glyndon Riley, Jeanna Riley