CICSD Journal – Volume 26, Fall 1999

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The Necessity for Improvements in Twin Studies of Stuttering
Sara J. Booth

The Influence of Speaker and Listener Gender on Speech Naturalness Ratings: A Methodological Control Study
Nicole L. Ermlich, Dale Evan Metz, Nicholas Schiavetti, and Robert L. Whitehead

Vygotskian Theory and Its Application to Assessment: An Overview for Speech-Language Pathologists
Laura M. Justice and Helen Ezell

Syntax and Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Students: Performance and Perceptions
Laura M. Justice and Helen K. Ezell

Incorporating Computers Into Language Intervention From a Social Context Perspective
Diana L. Zimmerman and Teresa A. Ukrainetz

A Comparison of Characteristics of Males and Females in Graduate Speech-Language Pathology Programs
Gregory L. Lof, Robin Mullen, and Leanne Rabinowitz

Appalachian English and Standardized Language Testing: Rationale and Recommendations for Test Adaptation
Pamela G. Garn-Nunn and Lori Perkins

Assessing the Narratives of African American Children
Lynn S. Bliss, Zenara Covington, and Allyssa McCabe

A Methodological Control Study of Scaled Vocal Breathiness Measurements
Amy Sewall, Andrea Weglarski, Dale Evan Metz, Nicholas Schiavetti, and Robert Whitehead

Centenarian Female Voices: A Review of Emerging Data
Peter B. Mueller

Scaling Concepts Underlying the Decibel
Melinda K. Rhea, Lee M. Terrio, and Stephen E. Oshrin