Features Available in Hearing Aids

You can add features to your hearing aid to help in different situations. An audiologist can help you find the best features for you.

More information on this topic can be found in our Audiology Information Series [PDF].

Hearing aids will help you hear in some situations, but not all. It may still be hard to hear on the phone. Or, you may have trouble hearing the TV. There are features you can add to your hearing aid to help. Some options are discussed below.

Directional Microphone

Your hearing aid picks up sounds from all directions. This lets you hear sounds in front of you and sounds behind you. Some hearing aids have a switch to turn on a directional microphone. This microphone picks up sounds from one direction and helps you focus.

Telephone, or Telecoil, Switch

This is a good feature for most people. This switch lets you change to a "T" setting when you are on the phone. It lets you hear without any "whistling" sounds.

This switch also works with other systems. Some theaters and places of worship have hearing technology in them. You turn on the switch and connect to the system. Then, you can hear the show or speaker, even if it is noisy.

You may be able to add an "M/T" switch to your hearing aid. This switch lets you connect to the hearing technology and hear people near you.

Direct Audio Input

Some hearing aids have direct audio input. This lets you plug a microphone or an FM system into your aid. You can connect to your TV, computer, MP3 player, or radio this way.

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