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Professional Development Courses

ASHA Professional Development (APD) has a diverse course catalog with programs in many formats and on a variety of topics important to audiologists and SLPs.



Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology


Live webinar—Slide-based presentation and question-and-answer session at a pre-scheduled date and time. Learn more about webinars.

On-demand webinar—Slide-based presentation and question-and-answer session to watch at your leisure. Learn more about webinars.

Streaming video—Online access to a live action and slide-based video to watch at your leisure.

DVD with manual—Live-action and slide-based DVD to watch while you follow along with the printed slides in the accompanying manual.

eWorkshop­—Interactive, slide- and video-based online workshop to watch at your leisure.

Journal self-study—Set of articles from ASHA's peer-reviewed, scholarly journals and policy documents to read at your leisure. Most journal self-studies are online and a few include a printed copy.

Online conference—A 13-day period to access in-depth information on a particular topic. Includes recorded lectures to watch at your leisure, live text-based chats with presenters, threaded discussions with other attendees and presenters, and other resources. For more on the online conference environment, watch the Welcome and Orientation video.

CD with manual—Audio CD to listen to while you follow along with the printed slides in the accompanying manual.

Streaming audio—Experience the full contents of a CD program online while you follow along with the electronic manual.

SIG Perspectives self-study—Low-cost CE courses through your affiliation with one of ASHA's 19 Special Interest Groups. Every SIG Perspectives issue has a corresponding exam that can be purchased for only $5 if you are a member of that SIG (e.g., if you belong to SIG 5, you pay only $5 to take an exam for an issue of the SIG 5 Perspectives). Learn more about the benefits of joining a Special Interest Group.

In-person conference—Travel to one of our traditional conferences and immerse yourself in learning sessions for a few action-packed days to earn ASHA CEUs/professional development hours.

Assessment Types

All APD courses require you to demonstrate your learning to earn ASHA CEUs/professional development hours.

Exam—Many courses require passing an online, multiple-choice exam to earn ASHA CEUs/professional development hours. Refer to the questions for review (available in the ASHA Learning Center as part of the course) as you go through the course materials and note your answers as you go. Then take the online exam and get your results immediately. Tests have an open-book approach. You may start a test, close it, flag questions, and review your answers as often as you like before submitting your final test. You have up to three attempts to take and pass the exam. If you don't pass after three attempts, e-mail or call 888-498-6699, ext. 8593. (Please have your ASHA account number and the course number handy.)

Self-assessment—Many courses require you to think about things you learned and report how you will use your new knowledge in order to earn ASHA CEUs/professional development hours. Be sure to fill out and submit the Completion Form/Learning Assessment (available in the ASHA Learning Center as part of the course) to get CE credit.

Some states require that CE courses include an exam to count toward state requirements, so we recommend that you check with your state before getting started with a program that includes a self-assessment.

Expiration Dates

APD courses have specific end dates, which you can find in the right-hand display in the ASHA Store or in the Program History portion of the table of contents that is published with the course. You will receive an e-mail from the ASHA Learning Center about 2 weeks before a course you have registered for but have not yet completed is set to expire.

Group Learning

Want to host an in-service or take a course together with some of your colleagues? APD has several options–and discounts–for group learning.

Statement on Evidence-Based Practice 

It is the position of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association that audiologists and speech-language pathologists incorporate the principles of evidence-based practice in clinical decision making to provide high-quality clinical care. The term evidence-based practice refers to an approach in which current, high-quality research evidence is integrated with practitioner expertise and client preferences and values into the process of making clinical decisions.

Participants are encouraged to actively seek and critically evaluate the evidence basis for clinical procedures presented in this and other educational programs.

Adopted by the Scientific and Professional Education Board, April 2006

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