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ASHA recognizes the importance of acknowledging and appropriately responding to cultural and linguistic influences across the discipline. This grant program provides support for the infusion of multiculturalism into our clinical, education, and professional programs, and the activities of allied/related associations and organizations. Since 1996, ASHA has been allocating funds for projects on multicultural activities. Proposals must have a multicultural focus. Multicultural is defined to include issues dealing with race, ethnicity, language, gender or gender identity, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and ability. Proposals are evaluated each year by a Review Panel (see list of Panel members at the end of each year's projects' descriptions). In addition to the Review Panels' numerical ratings and critical comments, funding decisions are made with consideration given to factors such as the project's similarity to previously funded projects, overlap with other Association efforts, area(s) of practice, timeliness, projected impact, focus on a specific cultural or linguistic population, projected return on investment, and ability to respond to members' needs.

Applications must be submitted by May 5, 2017. Proposals receiving funding will be announced by August 2017.

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2016 Funded Projects on Multicultural Activities

¡Comunico con mi Equipo! 
Robert C. Fifer, University of Miami

Differential Diagnosis of Stuttering in Bilingual Spanish-English Speaking Children
Courtney Byrd, University of Texas-Austin
Kia N. Johnson, University of Houston

Intensive Literacy Enrichment Activities for Diverse Populations (I-LEAD):  A Summer Literacy Program for Low-Income Children with Hearing Loss
Sharlene Wilson Ottley, Chattering Children 

Intrinsic Motivation through Cultural Interactive Storytelling-Increasing Literacy Skills in young African American Males at risk for or experiencing language and literacy delays
Shameka Johnson, Howard University

2016 Review Panel

Rosa A. Abreu
Kimberly C. Edmonds
Esther H. Gerrad
Mona R. Griffer
Diane M. Scott
Debra C. Vigil

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