Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology Sample Syllabi

Course Description

This course examines professional ethics and issues, reviews regulations and requirements for professional practice, provides an overview of the composition/policies of the Graduate Program in SLP, and discusses cultural considerations for studying, assessing and treating communication and swallowing disorders in culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) populations. One credit.

Class Outline

Topics are not listed in order of discussion. Additional topics may be added as needed.

UNIT: Introduction

  • Welcome to graduate school! The realities…
  • Seminar outline: topics, research, revised schedule
  • Getting to know you… Name/ undergraduate program/ why SLP?
  • Faculty/advisement
  • Departmental policies and procedures
  • Grievance and appeals procedures
  • The Graduate Program
  • Mission
  • Multicultural emphasis - difference from other programs
  • Speech science labs; upcoming swallowing lab
  • Clinical grand rounds
  • Writing seminar
  • Research track to MS
  • Course grid - order of courses; foundations; summer sessions; practica
  • Code of conduct
  • The University's Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

UNIT: Impact of Multiculturalism on the Professions

  • Culture
  • Multiculturalism in our society
  • Need for multicultural/diversity sensitivity and training in our professions.
  • Should all SLPs and audiologists be culturally competent?
  • Assimilation/acculturation

UNIT: Library Orientation/Computer Lab: A Practical Guide to Literature Searches

UNIT: Understanding the Rules

  • History of ASHA
  • ASHA Membership & Certification Handbook
  • Discussion: Ethics in clinical service delivery
  • ASHA documents:
  • Overview
  • Position statements, practice guidelines (technical reports, knowledge and skills)
  • Preferred Practice Patterns
  • Code of Ethics
  • Scope of Practice in SLP
  • State-specific documents
  • State Board for Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
  • Scope of Practice in SLP - Education Law 159
  • State organization
  • State Licensing Board

UNIT: Understanding the Credentialing Puzzle

  • What's in a name? Speech-language pathologist
  • Requirements for state licensure, ASHA certification, bilingual extension
  • Review: What credential is required to provide speech services?
  • Licensure versus certification for professional practice.
  • Practice settings: NICU, home care (EI, adults), hospitals (acute, sub-acute, in-patient, outpatient), rehabilitation centers, schools (preschools, vocational schools, elementary/intermediate/high), private practice.
  • Competencies: ASHA - CEUs, state continuing competency hours
  • Professional memberships (NSSLHA, ASHA, state association, others)

UNIT: Clinical Issues

  • Speech-language-hearing clinic
  • Clinical sites
  • Practica
  • Understanding the audiology requirements

UNIT: Issues in Ethics

  • Instructor will present ethical dilemmas for class discussion
  • Students will present "created" ethical dilemmas for discussion


  • Handbook distribution
  • Complete confidentiality form

UNIT: Reflections on the profession:

  • Is speech-language pathology an art or a science? Discussion with supporting documentation provided by students

UNIT: The University and KASA

  • Review of the CD - questions…
  • Responsibility of the student
  • Responsibility of the faculty

UNIT: Reflections on being a graduate student: Upper level graduate students speak out

UNIT: Course Evaluation

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