Resources for Multicultural/Multilingual Issues into the Core Curriculum

According to Stockman, Blount, and Robinson's MMI Survey, curriculur infusion without a specific course was the most common method of multicultural/multilingual issues (MMI) infusion. Faculty preparation for MMI infusion most frequently involved clinical experience and CEUs and least commonly used an MMI foundational course. Faculty identified CEUs and Web resources as the most desired resources for further MMI preparation:

Cultural Interface Grid

A cultural interface grid was developed to assist CSD students and communication disorder specialists to understand how the elements of culture may influence the clinical procedures that are common across audiology and speech-language pathology.

Models of Sample Syllabi and Instructional Activities

Suggested models of sample syllabi and instructional activities for implementing a MMI foundational course and/or infusing MMI within a given course.

ASHA Policy Documents

Website Resources

The following websites provide information that can assist with MMI knowledge and preparation. The list is a representative compilation of sites and is not meant to be all-inclusive nor imply endorsement of a particular site.

Audio Visual Resources

The following video resources are categorized by cultures that include

American | (Dis)Ability Culture | Gender/Sexual Orientation | African American | Native American | Latino/a | Arab/Middle Eastern | Social Class


The Story of English [videorecording]
Director: William Cran
Studio: Home Vison Entertainment, c1986.

American Tongues [videorecording]
Director: Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker
Produced by: Center for New American Media, c1986.

Demographics are Changing: Improving Skills to Better Serve Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Preschooler, Their Families and Communities [teleseminar]
Produced by: The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association , April, 1996.

Off track [videorecording]
Director: Markie Hancock
Produced by: Hancock Productions
New York, NY: Teachers College, c1998

Starting small [videorecording]
Produced by Margie McGovern Inc. for Teaching Tolerance,
a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center
Montgomery, AL: Margie McGovern, c1997

Cultural bias in education [videorecording]
Produced by: Linda Cuellar
Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1992

Why value diversity? [videorecording]
Produced by Master Communications Group, Inc. in cooperation with the Professional Development Group
Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1991

Valuing diversity. Part I, Managing differences [videorecording]
Produced by: Copeland Griggs Productions in association with Price M. Cobbs
San Francisco: Copeland Griggs, c1987

Valuing diversity. Part II, Diversity at work [videorecording]
Produced by: Copeland Griggs Productions in association with Price M. Cobbs
San Francisco, CA: Copeland Griggs, c1987

Valuing diversity. Part III, Communicating across cultures [videorecording]
Produced by: Copeland Griggs Productions in association with Price M. Cobbs
San Francisco, CA: Copeland Griggs, c1987

Affirmative Action versus Reverse Discrimination [videorecording]
Produced by Columbia University Seminars on Media and Society, in association with WNET/New York and WTTW/Chicago
Annenberg/CPB Project; Santa Barbara, CA: Intellimation, c1984

(Dis)Ability Culture

Without pity [videorecording]
Home Box Office
Produced, written, and directed by: Michael Mierendorf
Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1997

A Video Guide to (Dis)ability Awareness [videorecording]
Produced by: Idea Bank production
Tucson, AZ
Distributed by Medfilms, c1993

My body is not who I am [videorecording]
Produced by: Dr. Jeanne Putnam
Sherborn, MA: Aquarius Productions, c1993

Positive images [videorecording]: Portraits of Women with Disabilities
Produced by: Julie Harrison and Harilyn Rousso
New York, NY: Women Make Movies, c1989

Sound and Fury [videorecording] Two deaf families clash in their views about the need for cochlear implants.
Directed by: Josh Aronson
Produced by: Roger Weisberg and Jackie Roth, c 2000

Gender/Sexual Orientation

It's Elementary [videorecording]: talking about gay issues in school
Directed by: Debra Chasnoff
Produced by: Helen S. Cohen and Debra Chasnof, New Day Films
San Francisco, CA: Women's Educational Media, c1996

Gender Roles. Education (Gender & Education) [videorecording]
Directed by: Danielle Hunt
Executive Producer: Eugene Williams
New York, NY: Insight Media, c1995

Science and Gender [videorecording]
Evelyn Fox Keller
Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1994

African American

Black is—Black ain't [videorecording]: A Personal Journey through Black identity
Independent Television Service
San Francisco, CA: California Newsreel, c1995

The "Ebonics" Controversy: Educational and Clinical Implications.
National Black Association for Speech, Language and Hearing, April, 1997

Pride & Prejudice [videorecording]: a history of black culture in America
Project director: Jonathan Burack
Directed by: Jon Aleckson
Knowledge Unlimited by Golden Communications Associates
Madison, WI: Knowledge Unlimited, c1994

The Issue is Race [videorecording]
Produced by: WGBH Boston in association with Time Magazine
Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1992

True Colors [videorecording]
Produced by: ABC News
Buffalo, IL: CorVision Media, c1991

Blue Eyed [videorecording]
Produced by Claus Strigel and Bertram Verhaag
San Francisco, CA: California Newsreal, c1996

Native American

Searching for a Native American Identity [videorecording]
Produced and directed by: Catherine Tatge
Executive editor: Bill Moyers
Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1994

How the West was Lost: Volume 1: A Clash of cultures; I will fight No More, Forever [videorecording]
Producer/director: Chris Wheeler
Producer, Sonny Hutchinson; a presentation of Discovery Networks and 9K*USA-TV. [S.l.]: Discovery Channel
Bethesda, MD: Distributed by Discovery Enterprises Group, c1993

Native American Cultures in the U.S.A. [videorecording]
the Board of Governors Universities in cooperation with Governors State University
a production of Communications Services
Producer/director: Tony Labriola
Shawnee Mission, KA: Distributed by RMI Media Productions, c1993.


The Status of Latina Women [videorecording]
Alamo Public Telecommunications Council; KLRN, San Antonio.
Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities and Sciences, c1992.

Birthright : Growing up Hispanic [videorecording]
Directed by: Luis R. Torres
Phoenix, AZ: KAET-TV; New York, NY: Cinema Guild, c1988.

Arab/Middle Eastern

Tales from Arab Detroit [videorecording]
Producers: Sally Howell and Joan Mandell in association with ACCESS and Olive Branch Productions
New Day Films: Hohokus, NJ, c1995.

Benaat Chicago (daughters of Chicago): Growing up Arab and Female in Chicago
Director: Jennifer Bing-Canar and Mary Zerkel
Arab Film Distribution: Seattle, WA, c2003.

Social Class

People Like Us: Social Class in American.
Producers/Directors: Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker.
Co-Producer and Editor: Peter Odabashian.
Distributor: Center for New American Media: Hohokus, NJ, c2001

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