Diversity 40th Anniversary

ASHA Diversity Champions

Recognition for Advancing Multicultural Infusion

Nominate Yourself or a Colleague to be Recognized for Being an ASHA Diversity Champion

As ASHA celebrates 40 years of Diversity, we are recognizing Diversity Champions!

Who are Diversity Champions? Diversity Champions are those members who have made significant contributions to advance multicultural infusion in our professions and ASHA. They have demonstrated respect and value for differing backgrounds and points of view and their achievement addresses the impact of culture and/or language on speech-language pathology, audiology, or speech-language or hearing science. Here are a few examples:

  • The colleague who has made specific efforts to develop opportunities for underrepresented minority populations within our professions
  • The fellow SLP or Audiologist who has developed a unique way to ensure access to culturally appropriate services
  • The clinician who found an innovative way to support students with accents and dialects or English language learners in completing their clinical practicum
  • The faculty member in your academic program who found a creative way to prepare you and your fellow students to work with diverse populations
  • The member who has successfully procured funding long-term, for recruiting underrepresented populations into our professions, or into an academic program

If you know an ASHA or NSSLHA member who has served as an advocate or championed the cause of multicultural infusion and addressing cultural and linguistic diversity within our professions, nominate them as an ASHA Diversity Champion. Groups of members are also eligible to be Champions. Nominations may be made by any ASHA or NSSLHA member. Self-nominations are also welcome. All nominations should be submitted online and will be accepted through August 1, 2009.

Individuals selected as ASHA Diversity Champions will be recognized at the 2009 ASHA Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, as a part of our celebration of 40 years of Diversity. (Selected Champions not planning to attend the ASHA Convention will receive their materials by mail). Notifications will be made no later than October 1 st .

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