Volunteer Opportunity: MSLP Leadership Simulation Reviewers

October 26, 2023

Type of Opportunity: Face-to-face

Sign-Up Expiration Date: 11/3/2023

Interest Area: Leadership and Mentoring Student Leaders

Contact Person (Email): Terria Smith (tsmith@asha.org)

Time Commitment: Less than 1 month

Travel: Travel is required

Description of Opportunity: The Minority Student Leadership Program provides leadership-focused educational activities at the Convention designed to build and enhance the leadership skills of students from historically underrepresented racial/ethnic backgrounds. MSLP participants will be working to increase their understanding of how the Association works, and to see first-hand, how leadership occurs within our professions. As a part of their Convention experience, the students participate in a Leadership Simulation Challenge in which group presentations will be given on a number of relevant issues with significant potential impact on our discipline, now and in the future. Each member of a team will contribute to the 20-minute presentation, to provide you with an overview of their issue, related data they have uncovered, and their insights and recommendations for addressing the issue. Reviewers are needed to provide students with feedback on their presentations by completing a simple, brief rating form for each presentation.

The MSLP Leadership Simulation will occur in Omni Hotel, Audition, Saturday, November 18th, from either 8:45 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. (Session A) or 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Session B), so all Reviewers must be planning to attend the Convention and will review approximately 3 teams that include up to 20 student presentations. To apply, complete this form, and select either Session A or Session B.

Experience Required: Volunteer leadership experience at the local, state or national level, experience providing constructive feedback to students, and mentoring student leaders or early career professionals

Task Deadline: 11/18/2023

Level of Effort: Easy

Number of Volunteers Needed: 20

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