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2020 CPT Code Updates for Audiologists and SLPs

December 3, 2019

Beginning January 1, 2020, audiologists and speech-language pathologists will see new and revised Current Procedural Terminology (CPT ® American Medical Association) codes related to computerized dynamic posturography, pre- and post-implant evaluation of auditory function, and cognitive function intervention.

Pre- and Post-Implant Auditory Function Evaluation

CPT code 92626 is revised to describe an evaluation of auditory function for surgically implanted device(s) candidacy or post-operative status of a surgically implanted device(s); first hour. CPT code 92627—an add-on code—may be reported in conjunction with 92626 for each additional 15 minutes of the evaluation. 

Computerized Dynamic Posturography Testing

CPT code 92548 will be used to report computerized dynamic posturography sensory organization test (CDP-SOT), 6 conditions (i.e., eyes open, eyes closed, visual sway, platform sway, eyes closed platform sway, platform and visual sway), including interpretation and report. New code 92549 will also be available to report when the motor control test (MCT) and adaptation test (ADT) is completed in conjunction with the sensory organization test (SOT).

Cognitive Function Intervention

CPT code 97127 (cognitive function intervention)—an untimed code—is deleted and replaced with two new timed codes: a base code for the initial 15 minutes of cognitive function intervention (97129) and an add-on code for each additional 15 minutes (97130). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) also confirmed that G0515—Medicare’s current 15-minute code for cognitive skills development—will be deleted, effective January 1. This ensures a single coding option for cognitive treatment across payers in 2020.


See the October 2019 edition of The ASHA Leader and ASHA’s coding and payment website for full details on the audiology and speech-language pathology related coding changes. Go to ASHA’s analysis of the 2020 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for additional information on Medicare’s implementation of the codes, including national payment rates.


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