Guide to Verifying Competencies in Speech-Language Pathology

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Guide to Verifying Competencies in Speech-Language Pathology

All documents are on CD, with easy-to-use charts to allow for customization!

ASHA’s policy statements were developed to identify specific knowledge and skills needed to provide services in a particular area of practice. Using ASHA's policy statements, this product will help you quickly and easily identify the knowledge and skills and proficiency levels recommended for different practice settings. The perfect resource when working to strengthen clinical service delivery or when filling or creating a speech-language pathology (assisting clinician) position.

Some of the competencies addressed include:

  • business practices
  • clinical supervision
  • cognitive-communication
  • reading and writing in children and adolescents
  • swallowing and/or feeding disorders
  • videofluoroscopic swallowing studies

Updated Spring 2009.

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