Motor Speech Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment (Second Edition)

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Motor Speech Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment (Second Edition)

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This book offers a detailed, yet streamlined introduction to motor speech disorders, and has been updated with high-quality illustrations, as well as information on cutting-edge treatment procedures and current best practices. The book opens with a brief historical review of motor speech disorders, providing useful context for understanding the technology and methodology used by SLPs for evaluation and treatment today. It also provides a practical introduction to the human motor system, including the anatomy and physiology involved in motor speech disorders. A series of chapters offers an in-depth look at the six pure dysarthrias, as well as mixed dysarthria and apraxia of speech, including detailed information on etiology, characteristics, and treatment.

An accompanying DVD features clinical videos to deepen your understanding of the disorders by exposing you to real-life case examples.

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Item #(s): 0113309
Format(s): Books
Language: English
Author: Donald B. Freed
Publisher: Cengage Learning
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