Cochlear Implants and Auditory Processing

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Audiology Online 2019: Cochlear Implants
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Format(s): Online Conference
At this online conference, get the information you need to optimize care and improve outcomes for children and adults with cochlear implants (CIs). Explore the ever-changing landscape of CIs—including technological innovations, expanded candidacy criteria, multidisciplinary collaboration, new clinical service models, troubleshooting, and more. Sessions will include practical takeaways, case studies, as well as new and innovative intervention ideas for school-based and other providers.
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Auditory Processing Disorders: Assessment, Management, and Treatment, 3rd Edition
Format(s): Books
This book details the history, definition, behaviors, and comorbidities of auditory processing disorders (APD) and educates the reader on the most current practices for assessment of APD, including its impact on literacy and language processing.
Clinical Management of Children with Cochlear Implants
Format(s): Books
This book covers disciplines such as otolaryngology, pediatrics, audiology, speech-language pathology, habilitation, education, electrophysiology, psychology, and clinical research.
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Grand Rounds in Cochlear Implant Candidacy
Format(s): On Demand Webinar
Over the years, cochlear implant candidacy has changed dramatically. When devices were first introduced, only patients with little to no ability to recognize speech were considered. Advances in technology and evolving ideas about who can benefit from a cochlear implant have expanded the candidate pool, which now can include adults and children with greater preoperative residual hearing, nontraditional candidates (such as those with additional disabilities), and “off label” patients who do not meet the approved indications for the device but could benefit nonetheless (such as those with single sided deafness or asymmetrical, progressive hearing loss). This course explains the candidacy changes in greater detail and provides guidelines to help professionals determine if a referral to a cochlear implant center is appropriate for a particular patient. The webinar outlines the roles of audiologists and SLPs in making these recommendations and also discusses how to counsel patients regarding their possible candidacy for a cochlear implant.
Addressing Auditory Access in Schools: Models of Effective Collaboration
Format(s): Streaming Video
Audiologists and SLPs routinely work with other professionals and stakeholders to provide services. Finding a place on the team and working effectively and efficiently on that team is often easier said than done. This course will utilize case examples that explore how to overcome common challenges to working on interprofessional teams, hindrances to effective teams, and why high-functioning teams are critical to successful outcomes, as well as provide practical strategies to improve auditory access to classroom learning for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.
Disorders of the Auditory System
Format(s): Books
This book covers both classic and new disorders of the auditory system and reflects the combined efforts of renowned audiologists and otologists.
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