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Tinnitus and Everyday Sounds and Hearing Loss Best Buy
Format(s): Value Sets
Use these colorful, poster-sized infographics in your office or waiting area to educate your clients and reinforce the importance of taking care of their hearing.
$24.00 $19.00
$36.00 $28.00
Bilingual Audiology Clipboard
Format(s): Other
This updated Bilingual Audiology Clipboard of the Ear/Hearing Aids is a must-have for every audiologist. The clipboard is especially useful when counseling patients.
$18.00 $14.40
Hearing Aid Poster
Format(s): Poster
Show your customers the different types of hearing aids. This poster has an illustration of the components of a hearing aid and features photographs of various devices. 18” X 24”
$12.00 $6.00
$17.00 $8.50
Partners in Speech, Language, and Hearing: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers of Babies and Young Children
Format(s): Books
Newly updated! Help promote a child’s communication skills development with this illustrated bilingual (English and Spanish) book. Perfect for parents and caregivers.
$13.50 $8.00

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