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Innovative Methods for Preschool Assessment, Collaboration, and Treatment
Event Dates:2/19/2020-3/2/2020
Format(s): Online Conference
This comprehensive online conference will explore topics and share innovative, evidence-based approaches to assessment and intervention for preschool students with various communication issues, including childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), speech sound disorders, feeding and swallowing issues, fluency disorders, executive functioning deficits, autism spectrum disorder, and more. Our expert presenters will also discuss other topics relevant to this unique age group (ages 3–5), such as parent involvement, service delivery options, addressing emotional and behavioral issues, and more. Each session will focus on strategies SLPs can put into practice right away to identify and target appropriate goals and supports to help achieve optimal success for preschool-age children.
Cultivating Student Success Through Effective Service Delivery
Format(s): Streaming Video
School-based SLPs strive to support their students’ success in school. Two critical components of fostering academic success are: (1) provision of services that address the curriculum and (2) collaboration with teachers to make that happen. This video course will present strategies to address both of these essential activities in the context of elementary, middle, and high school settings, including examples of effective collaboration and ideas for overcoming common barriers.
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Assessing and Treating Dysarthria in Adults Best Buy
Format(s): eWorkshop
Dysarthria is a complex speech disorder that accompanies many neurologic conditions. Accurate differential diagnosis of dysarthria can help inform the medical diagnosis. Assessment findings also can direct management strategies, including goal setting and treatment approaches, which vary according to the nature and severity of the underlying impairment, the impact on speech production and communicative effectiveness, and the communication participation needs of the individual with dysarthria.Our new eWorkshops present effective and efficient examples and strategies for assessing and treating dysarthria in adults.

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