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Innovative Methods for Preschool Assessment, Collaboration, and Treatment
Event Dates:2/19/2020-3/2/2020
Format(s): Online Conference
This comprehensive online conference will explore topics and share innovative, evidence-based approaches to assessment and intervention for preschool students with various communication issues, including childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), speech sound disorders, feeding and swallowing issues, fluency disorders, executive functioning deficits, autism spectrum disorder, and more. Our expert presenters will also discuss other topics relevant to this unique age group (ages 3–5), such as parent involvement, service delivery options, addressing emotional and behavioral issues, and more. Each session will focus on strategies SLPs can put into practice right away to identify and target appropriate goals and supports to help achieve optimal success for preschool-age children.
Maximizing Functional Outcomes for Individuals With Traumatic Brain Injuries
Event Dates:3/18/2020-3/30/2020
Format(s): Online Conference
Help your patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) on their road to recovery. The expert presenters in this comprehensive online conference will share practical, evidence-based strategies for improving functional outcomes and quality of life for adults and children with traumatic brain injuries. Session topics will include: assessment and treatment approaches for children, adolescents, and adults; discussion of special populations, including veterans and college students; related medical conditions; concussion/mild TBI; patient/family perspectives, return to school/work, and more.
Voice Evaluation and Treatment: Improving Outcomes for Children and Adults
Event Dates:4/22/2020-5/4/2020
Format(s): Online Conference
Get the essential knowledge, practical tools, and new strategies to assess and treat voice disorders in children and adults at our first-ever online conference focused on voice disorders.

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