Voices from a Quieter Land

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Voices from a Quieter Land

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This book is a collection of experiences which reflects the impact hearing loss has had on each contributor. Each person's experience is different and it is told in their own words. Coupled with the results of their audiological evaluations, each describes how they live and cope with their hearing impairment.

The material was gathered at a writing workshop coordinated by the authors which allowed time for the participants to discuss specific questions related to their experiences with hearing loss as a group and then retreat to separate areas to write their own thoughts. Discussions flowed freely and often had to be limited to allow ample time for writing. Each of the stories are unique, yet often similar; stories of both struggle and challenge as well as glory and achievement. The names of the participants have been changed as requested by several in the group for anonymity.

Our mission in preparing this book is to convey snapshots of how hearing loss impacts all areas of the life of a person with hearing impairment: educationally, environmentally, occupationally, socially, psychologically and emotionally. Because communication connects us to the world, it has a global influence on all aspects of our life.

We hope that by sharing these stories from the hearts of all of the participants, you will better understand the implications of hearing loss. The appendices outline more content and details about the workshop.

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Product Information

Item #(s): 0112880
Format(s): Books
Language: English
Author: Donna S. Wayner, Ph.D., and Ellen I. Rupert, M.Ed.
Publisher: Hear Again
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