Tests for Auditory Processing Disorders: SCAN-3:A-for Adolescents and Adults 13:00-50:11

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Tests for Auditory Processing Disorders: SCAN-3:A-for Adolescents and Adults 13:00-50:11

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For Adolescents and Adults 13:00-50:11

SCAN-3:A provides you with a valid and reliable test battery to help identify auditory processing disorders and describe their impact on daily life. Screen and diagnose auditory processing difficulties with one co-normed battery of tests.
Users & Applications
• obtain information to help you differentiate an auditory processing disorder from auditory attention problems and auditory comprehension difficulties
• develop strategies to assist the child in managing auditory processing difficulties at school, at home, and in the community
Content & Administration
The SCAN-3 test battery includes:
• Screening Tests
o NEW! Gap Detection—Indicates presence of a temporal processing problem which may influence the ability to comprehend running speech
o Auditory Figure Ground (+8dB)—tests ability to listen with background noise
o Competing Words (Free Recall) — dichotic listening task (poor performance may indicate lack of maturation or abnormality of the auditory nervous system)
• Diagnostic Tests
o Filtered Words—Indicates ability to process speech when the signal is distorted or compromised by a poor acoustic environment
o Competing Words (Directed Ear)—dichotic listening task that indicates a child’s auditory maturation or developmental level
o Competing Sentences—provides information about the maturation of the auditory nervous system
• Supplementary Tests
o Auditory Figure Ground (+0 dB and +12 dB)
o NEW! Time Compressed Sentences
Ear advantage scores are provided for all tests except Gap Detection.

SCAN-3:A for Adolescents and Adults 13:00-50:11
Complete–kit includes: Manual, CD, 25 Record Forms

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Item #(s): 0113211
Format(s): Assessment Tools
Language: English
Author: Robert W. Keith, PhD
Publisher: Pearson
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