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Selecting Complex Intervention Targets for Children With Phonological Disorders (On Demand Webinar)
Selecting Complex Intervention Targets for Children With Phonological Disorders (On Demand Webinar)
On Demand Webinar
On Demand Webinar (Group)

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Children with phonological disorders make up a large portion of the caseload for school-based SLPs who work with students ages 3–7. But SLPs rarely use the complexity approach in treating these children due to a lack of familiarity with the approach, despite the evidence to support its use. This webinar will walk clinicians step-by-step through how to apply the complexity approach so they can feel confident in this addition to their clinical toolbox. The presenter will use case studies to illustrate how to select complex treatment targets.

Learning Objectives:
You will be able to:

  • identify the child and sound characteristics that make targets complex
  • assess child and sound characteristics in children on your caseload
  • utilize assessment information to select complex targets for individual children


Introduction/Overview – 3 min.
Why the complexity approach? – 8 min.
Characteristics of sounds: Developmental norms – 5 min.
Characteristics of sounds: Implicational universals – 16 min.
Characteristics of children’s knowledge: Accuracy – 8 min.
Characteristics of children’s knowledge: Stimulability – 7 min.
Case studies – 17 min.
Treatment implementation – 22 min.
Questions & answers – 32 min.

Group registration note: A group registration entitles you to view this program one time, on one connection. Any number of people may watch and earn CE credit (ASHA CEUs/professional development hours). The person who will act as group leader should register on behalf of the group. The group leader will be able to play the webinar and distribute a link to group members so they can access handouts and the learning assessment to earn CE credit. The group leader needs to have, or create, a login to the ASHA website. The group registration option is a limited-time offer available for 1 year only.

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Continuing Education

5/13/2019 to 5/9/2020

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Item #(s): WEB19206, WEB19206-GRP
Client Age: Children
Format(s): On Demand Webinar, On Demand Webinar (Group)
Language: English
Author: Holly Storkel, PhD, CCC-SLP

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