Perspectives, SIG 13, Vol. 3, Part 1, 2018

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Perspectives, SIG 13, Vol. 3, Part 1, 2018

The five articles presented in Part 1 elaborated on several vital issues within the topic of dysphagia. Authors Jessica Zarzour, Loretta Johnson, and Cheri Canon discussed strategies to employ to minimize clinician and patient exposure to radiation during a fluoroscopic evaluation of the swallow. In the second article, authors Tsega Temtem and Mark Corkins educated the audience on the development and function of the gastrointestinal tract and the mechanism of digestion of foods into nutrients and waste. Next, author Adele Evans presented an extraordinary perspective of the laryngeal system focusing on the differences between the infant and adult laryngeal anatomy and its subsequent impact on laryngeal function. The application of the popular Ice Chip Protocol and the concept of safe aspiration are discussed by authors Susan Langmore and Jessica Pisegna. Lastly, authors Jamie Mahurin-Smith and Catherine Genna comprehensively highlighted the importance of providing competent assistance to breastfeeding mothers.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to:

  • list radiation reduction practices that can be implemented during the modified barium swallowing examination
  • describe the development and function of the gastrointestinal tract in the digestion of foods into nutrients and waste
  • compare the infantile and adult laryngeal anatomy, the composition of the structures and the consequences of these differences
  • discuss the application of the ice chip protocol in the assessment and rehabilitation of swallowing disorders
  • describe the speech-language pathologist’s role in facilitating breastfeeding and its positive impacts on infant development

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Continuing Education

: 0.2 PDHs: 2.0
: 3/27/2018 to 3/27/2021
: Intermediate

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