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My Audiologist Recommends Hearing Aids...Now What?
My Audiologist Recommends Hearing Aids...Now What?
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“Personalized communication with the audiologist who fits and adjusts the hearing aid is a very important part of becoming a successful hearing aid user.”

This brochure is ideal to give to the client who has just been told they need hearing aids. It tells them how to prepare to get the most out of their discussions with the audiologist and what to expect from their hearing aids. It explains the different types of hearing aids available and the technology behind them. It also gives advice on where and how to buy, and what to do if something goes wrong.

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Space to personalize with your contact information.

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Format: Brochure
Trim Size: 9 inches x 4 inches
Pages: 14 pages
Publisher: ASHA 


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Item #(s): 0210351
Client Age: All Ages
Format(s): Booklets and Brochures
Language: English

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