Hearing Loss Simulation CD

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Hearing Loss Simulation CD

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This recording attempts to demonstrate what a hearing loss might sound like to the hearing impaired. It is in two sections: Section one demonstrates a flat loss similar to a conductive loss. Starting at normal level, it periodically attenuates in 10 dB steps to -40 dB. Section two simulates high frequency losses. This section employs two talkers, a male and a female and they talk in quiet and in a background of noise. There are four parts to section two: 1. No loss. 2. – 4. Sharp low pass filters at 2000 Hz, 1000 Hz and 500 Hz. Each is in quiet and in noise. Brief introductions precede each section and representative audiograms accompany each recording.

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Item #(s): 0113021
Language: English
Publisher: AUDiTEC
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