Gesture Use in Young Children With Atypical Language Development

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Gesture Use in Young Children With Atypical Language Development

It is well-established that the use of gesture is a precursor to language development. But what exactly is the relationship between gesture and language, and can the nature of this relationship be used diagnostically to better understand a child’s language development? This journal self-study examines these questions across a few populations.

Two articles look at young children with specific language impairment or delay, and the combined results of these studies offer a complimentary view of the relationship between gesture and language based on the observed linguistic deficit (receptive or expressive). Another article compares gesture use between children with impaired hearing vs. peers with typical hearing. Findings from this study not only describe the use of gesture in young children with hearing impairment but also provide clinically useful information about caregivers’ responses to these gestures. The final article examines gesture use in girls with Rett syndrome. In addition to providing a helpful tutorial on a lesser-known population, the authors suggest how factors such as motor skills and genetics also contribute to the relationship between gesture and language.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to:

  • summarize how and why preschoolers with expressive language deficits differ from age- and language-matched peers in their use of gestures
  • explain potential clinical implications of the relationship between gesture, receptive language, and symbolic comprehension
  • discuss the differences in gesture use between hearing-impaired and typically developing children and mothers’ responses to those gestures
  • describe characteristics of individuals with Rett syndrome and how they might affect the use of gesture

Learning Assessment
Online, multiple-choice exam

Continuing Education

: 0.35 PDHs: 3.5
: 10/4/2018 to 5/22/2021
: Intermediate

Product Information

Item #(s): WEB3100
Client Age: Children
Format(s): Journal (Online)
Language: English

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