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Educational Audiology Handbook (Second Edition)

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Educational Audiology Handbook (Second Edition)

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This book provides audiology practitioners and students with what they need to know about school-based audiology. It is a straightforward presentation of the scope of an educational audiology practice as well as blueprints for creating and maintaining high-quality programs, and guidance on achieving full integration into a school staff. In addition, appendices at the end of each chapter include assessments, forms, parent handouts, and legal and reference documents that pertain to every audiologist whose practice includes children. Customizable versions of these materials are also available on the CD-ROM in the back of the book—giving users practical support for nearly every professional need.

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Product Information

Item #(s): 0113253
Format(s): Books
Language: English
Author: Cheryl DeConde Johnson; Jane Seaton
Publisher: Cengage Learning
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