Cleft Palate Speech: What Do I Hear? What Do I Do? (On Demand Webinar)

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Cleft Palate Speech: What Do I Hear? What Do I Do? (On Demand Webinar)

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Children with cleft palate often require speech intervention post-surgical repair to normalize their phonological learning of the high intraoral pressure consonants. In many cases, SLPs may find it challenging to differentiate between speech characteristics that are a result of persisting velopharyngeal insufficiency and those that are learned, habituated speech behaviors. This webinar will address both structural and speech challenges that can co-exist in children with repaired cleft palate so that SLPs in all clinical settings can help these children achieve their best outcomes for speech production.

Learning Objectives:
You will be able to:

  • describe the four categories of speech misarticulations that can be habituated by children who have cleft palate
  • differentiate the obligatory speech characteristics related to structural differences that require surgical or orthodontic intervention from habituated speech behaviors that require intervention when treating children who have cleft palate
  • adopt appropriate treatment techniques for remediation of the four categories of speech misarticulations associated with cleft palate

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Continuing Education

: 0.2 PDHs: 2.0
: 9/30/2019 to 9/27/2020
: Intermediate

Product Information

Item #(s): WEB19227, WEB19227-GRP
Client Age: Children
Format(s): On Demand Webinar, On Demand Webinar (Group)
Language: English
Author: Mary O’Gara, MA, CCC-SLP; Sarah M. Richards, MS, CCC-SLP

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