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Bilingual Language Development and Disorders, 2nd Edition

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Bilingual Language Development and Disorders, 2nd Edition

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From Brookes Publishing

Because dual language learners are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. student population, and the majority speak Spanish as a first language, SLPs must have comprehensive knowledge of how to work effectively with bilingual speakers.

This book will help SLPs fully understand the complexity of language development in bilingual children, diagnose disorders accurately, and conduct effective assessment and intervention for the growing number of Spanish-English bilingual speakers.

Fully updated with new chapters on hot topics such as literacy, code-switching, and language development in infants and toddlers, the book also covers an expanded age range that includes infants and toddlers. SLPs will have the sophisticated knowledge they need to accurately distinguish language disorders from typical bilingual development, and they'll get a complete language intervention framework they can use as a guide for their own practice.

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Product Information

Item #(s): 0113321
Format(s): Books
Language: English
Author: Brian A. Goldstein, PhD, CCC-SLP
Publisher: Brookes Publishing
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