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Basic Auditory Tests Compact Disc-2nd Edition

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Basic Auditory Tests Compact Disc-2nd Edition

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Spondee & Children's Spondee Word List (1)
NU-6, Form A Word List (1)
W-22, Form A Word List (1)
PBK Word List, Form A (1)
Paired Comparison Sentences (1)
WIPI, 2nd ed. Score Form (1) *Purchase WIPI Book, 2nd ed. separately.

1kHz Calibration Tone – Both Tracks
Spondee Word List (W-1), A & B – Left Track
Children’s Spondee Word List, Form A – Right Track
CID W-22, Lists 1-4, Form A – Left Track
NU-6, Lists 1-4, Form A – Left Track
Multitalker Noise – Right Track opposite W-22, NU-6, PBK-50 Lists

*Word Intelligibility by Picture Identification (WIPI), 2nd ed. – Left Track, Lists 1 & 2; Right Track, Lists 3 & 4
Paired Comparison Sentences (For MCL-UCL) – Left Track
Connected Discourse (Cold Running Speech) Male Talker – Right Track

*WIPI book is sold separately.

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Item #(s): 0112891
Format(s): Assessment Tools
Language: English
Publisher: AUDiTEC
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