Selecting a Clinical Fellowship Mentor

  • Meet with the individual to determine his or her previous supervisory experience.
  • Discuss what the Clinical Fellowship (CF) experience means to the mentor and about his or her experiences as a clinical fellow.
  • Determine that they have experience working with the populations that most interest you and that you will be provided an opportunity to gain experience with these clients.
  • Find out how many other clinical fellows they may be mentoring and the impact this will have on the time they have available to meet with you.
  • If possible, talk with other professionals who might have been mentored by this individual. Ask how their experience was, how accessible was the mentoring SLP and how quickly the required paperwork was completed.

The final and most important step in selecting a mentor is to verify the current certification status of your mentor before beginning the experience. Do not rely on the word of the mentoring SLP that they are certified—confirm it using the online ASHA Certification Verification system or contact the ASHA National Office at 1-800-498-2071. Experience completed under the supervision of a non-certified individual will not count toward the CF time period.

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