Submission of Materials for Clinical Fellowship

Beginning Your Clinical Fellowship (CF)

There is no paperwork that must be submitted to ASHA, however, you do not have to wait until the conclusion of your CF experience to submit your application for certification.

Once Your Clinical Fellowship is Complete

Please submit your application for certification and appropriate dues/fees (if you haven't already), along with the  Clinical Fellowship Report and Rating Form [PDF].

Please remember:

  • If you change settings, supervisors, or the number of hours you work per week, please complete a separate CF Report and Rating Form for each change.
  • Professional experience of less than 5 hours per week cannot be used to meet the CF requirement.
  • The total number of weeks and hours submitted must clearly show that the minimum requirement of 36 weeks, totaling an accumulation of 1,260 total hours, has been fulfilled.
  • A full-time CF consists of a minimum of 35 hours worked per week. 

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