CEA Tutorial Section 9: Deadlines, Appeals, Five-Year Review

This section summarizes important information about the appeals process, and your Provider status.

What deadlines do I need to know about in order to submit CE forms on time?

There are deadlines associated with the submission of ASHA CE forms, including: registration, reporting, roster correction, and adding additional offerings. For a complete list of forms and their deadlines, please refer to this reference sheet [PDF]. The sheet also includes a timeline of what you can expect to receive from ASHA CE as confirmation of receipt of your documents. You may also want to request this tool for calculating CEB deadlines from your Provider Manager.

What is an appeal?

An appeal occurs when an organization fails to meet the Continuing Education Board (CEB) requirements. This happens when:

  • a complete and compliant registration is not submitted within the appropriate 15- or 30-day deadline (the brand block and/or disclosures must be included);
  • an additional offering is submitted beyond the 3-day deadline;
  • reporting is received past the 45-day deadline;
  • roster corrections are made outside the 45-day deadline; or
  • there is a repeated failure to meet other CEB requirements, such as missing disclosure statements or improper use of the brand block.

What is the appeal process?

If a deadline or requirement is missed, you will receive an e-mail from CE staff requesting an appeal. The appeal process follows the steps outlined below.

Step 1: You must submit an appeal letter to the CEB briefly explaining why the requirement was missed. You can do this by using the online Appeal Request Form, faxing a letter to ASHA CE (301-296-8574), or mailing the letter to the CEB c/o ASHA, 2200 Research Boulevard #340, Rockville, MD 20850.

Generally, we recommend using the online form. However, if you are mailing a late registration or reporting, it makes sense to include your appeal letter with that mailing.

Step 2: Supply any missing required registration or reporting information with your appeal letter.

Step 3: The CEB will review your appeal in order to register your course/offering or award ASHA continuing education units (CEUs) to the course participants.

Step 4: You will receive an e-mail from CE staff about the CEB's decision. An appeal fee may be assessed. You have 30 days to file a reconsideration if you wish to contest the decision.

What are the appeal fees?

Fees for appeals are determined by the number of appeal occurrences recorded in one calendar year for a Provider. Typically, the CEB appeal fee structure is as follows:

  • First appeal in a calendar year: $50
  • Second appeal in a calendar year: $200
  • Third appeal in a calendar year: $300

Are there limits to the number of appeals I can have in one calendar year?

Yes. If there are more than three appeals in a calendar year, you may be placed in "Show Cause" status and required to explain (in writing) to the CEB how your organization will comply with CEB policies and procedures in the future so that your Provider status is not withdrawn. During this time, you are not allowed to register new courses. There is a $500 fee associated with "Show Cause." If a provider is in a "Show Cause" status twice in a 36-month period, they will be automatically withdrawn. Please take time to review your in-house procedures to ensure that future deadlines are met.

What do I do if a participant contacts me about missing ASHA CEUs on their transcript?

If the participant never submitted a participant form to request ASHA CEUs for the course, please direct them to the  Participant Appeal Online Form. If they did request ASHA CEUs and their name was omitted from the final roster, you will need to file a late roster correction appeal. Please refer to the above section titled "What is the appeal process?"

The CEB does not accept requests from participants asking that ASHA CEUs be granted for a course with an end date more than 12 months ago.   

Does our "approved Provider" status ever expire?

ASHA CE Providers are approved to offer ASHA CEU courses for a 5-year period. During the fifth year, a review is conducted by ASHA staff to determine the level of a Provider's ongoing compliance with CEB requirements. The number of appeals, issues, and complaints compared with the number of course offerings and participants concerning each Provider are reviewed for the 5-year period. There is a fee associated with this review based on your organization's level of compliance during the preceding 5 years.

Note: If your organizational structure has changed, or if no activities have been registered for ASHA CEUs for several years, you may have to submit a new Provider application.

What if we want to discontinue our Provider status?

You may voluntarily withdraw your provider status at any time. Please let us know in writing. You would have to reapply if you decide at a future date that you would like to once again become an ASHA Approved CE Provider.


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