CEA Tutorial Section 7: Additional Offerings

This section defines an offering, discusses registering courses with multiple offerings, and describes how to add additional offerings.

What is an offering?

The offering is the scheduled event during which the course will be presented at a given date, time and if applicable, location. In the case of an online course, an offering is the start and end date for each reporting period. Every course will have at least one offering. When registering a course, fill in the start and end date(s) and location that the course will be offered in the offering section of the form. ASHA CE will assign the offering number starting with -001.

All offerings of the course must have the same:

  • Course title
  • Course description
  • Learning outcomes
  • Agenda
  • ASHA CEU amount
  • Learning assessment

Instructors, dates, and locations may vary, but the content and format are the same.

How do I register a course with more than one offering?

Using the Online Course Registration System, list the start date, end date, and (city, state, country) for each live group offering you plan to hold in this calendar year. If it is an online course offering, list the start and end date and leave the location blank. You must list at least one offering. If you do not know all of the offering dates at the time of course registration, you can use the Additional Offering web form to add those dates later.

When can I add offerings?

Additional offering updates to existing courses must be received at ASHA no later than 3 days prior to the offering start date. And cooperative offering updates (with payments, if applicable) no later than 3 days prior to the offering start date.


CEA Carmen asks: What if all or some of the course offerings are cooperative agreements?

Check "Yes, Cooperative Offering" on the Additional Offering form for all those offerings that are co-ops. Currently there is no way to pay the co-op fee on the Additional Offering form. Complete the form and you will receive an e-mail with an invoice for the amount owed. You can call the ASHA Action Center 800-498-2071 to pay by credit card or mail a check to the address on the invoice.

What if I want to offer the same course the following year and nothing has changed?

The Additional Offerings List can only be used for offerings within the same calendar year. For the next year, you would submit a new course using the Online Course Registration System, and assign a new course number, even if the content and format are the same.

The exception would be self-studies, which can be registered for the entire peer review period, approximately 3 years. See section 10 of this tutorial for additional information about self-studies.

How do I handle the reporting requirements for courses with more than one offering?

Each offering needs to be reported within 45 days of its end date. So if you have 20 offerings, you will need to send ASHA 20 reports. No matter the outcome of the course: cancellation, postponement, zero requests from participants for ASHA CEUs, you still need to report to ASHA within 45 days of the original end date of the course. See section 8 of this tutorial for more information on reporting offerings.


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