Guidance for Developing and Registering DEI, Ethics, Supervision and SLPA Content

Considerations for structuring and submitting conferences with session topics in the areas of DEI, Ethics, and/or Supervision 

When registering conferences with multiple sessions, including ones with sessions specifically designed to meet the ASHA Certification Maintenance requirements, ASHA CE recommends registering the DEI, Ethics, or Supervision sessions as their own unique course. This should not be considered an option if the organization responsible for reporting is unable to accurately track and report on the learner’s attendance and satisfactory completion for each course. 

If you chose not to submit separate course registrations for sessions that focus on DEI, Ethics, and/or Supervision, be sure to supply the learner with a session report that the learner is responsible for maintaining. Should the learner need to supply documentation to a third party, the session report could be used for self-attesting. The session report should not include language suggesting or stating ASHA CEUs have been awarded. 

When Providers register courses under the DEI, Ethics or Supervision subject codes, those course completions will be reported for CE Registry users as such. The CE Registry will list them on the users' ASHA CE Transcript and automatically report it to ASHA Certification once the user meets the minimum hours required for specific content requirements. 

Providers can say in their promotion materials – This course was registered with ASHA CE under the subject, ____, and will appear on learners' CE transcripts as such. 

Learners who take courses to meet certain ASHA Certification Maintenance requirements can go into their Certification Maintenance information to self-attest if completions are not recorded the way they intended.

Options for learners when a course covers both DEI and Ethics

It is possible that one course will cover multiple areas and if it does encompass both DEI and Ethics, the Provider must choose how to code the course using the subject codes. There is still flexibility for the learner to reach out to ASHA Certification to inquire how they can use the course toward meeting their individual certification maintenance requirements. Be sure to include as much detail as possible in literature about the course to assist participants in deciding whether the course covers more than one topic area.

Course content that meets the Certification Standards

The Council for Clinical Certification in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CFCC) has created a list of approved professional development course topics/content that meets the professional development requirements.

Advising learners who elect not to use the ASHA CE Registry

Encourage the learner to retain any session reports, or literature about the course if they are self-attesting professional development hours to a third party.

For ASHA Certification Maintenance, the learner must submit a Certification Maintenance Compliance Form to verify completion of the certification maintenance requirement. This is due on or before December 31 of the year your interval is completed but may be submitted at any time within your 3-year maintenance interval after the hours have been accumulated. Learners submit the Compliance Form online.

Resources for developing CE course in supervision

  1. Topics for Supervision Training* [PDF] – This document details the topic areas, knowledge, and skills applicable to each of the five constituent groups. It is also a resource for developing supervision-focused continuing education.
  2. Self-Assessment of Competencies in Supervision* [PDF] – The self-assessment evaluates current knowledge and skills in supervision and helps determine what additional training is necessary for current and future supervisors.
  3. Graphic for Supervision Training* [PDF] – This word cloud graphic represents the most common words and topics related to supervision and supervision training. Consider placing it in marketing materials for your supervision courses.

*These documents may all be reproduced and redistributed, as is or with adaptations, without prior permission, provided all such uses include the following statement: ©2016 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. From A Plan for Developing Resources and Training Opportunities in Clinical Supervision [Final report of the ASHA Ad Hoc Committee on Supervision Training], May 2016. Retrieved from

Resources for developing content for Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Assistants and their Supervisors

ASHA has established an Assistants Certification Program for audiology and speech-language-pathology assistants (SLPAs). The following links may assist you as you develop courses for audiology assistants, SLPAs, or their supervisors:

If you have any questions, please contact your Provider Manager.

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