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September 2020

2020 CE Intersections

September 2020

Intersections is the quarterly e-newsletter distributed to ASHA Approved Continuing Education Providers to connect and exchange ideas in order to better accomplish their continuing education activities. 

In this issue:


Welcome to the New ASHA CE Provider Portal!

The ASHA CE Provider Portal officially launched on August 26. I hope you’ve had an opportunity to visit the site and see all of the great new features we’ve added. If not, go there right now—you can access it under “My Account” on the ASHA website. Notice that we’ve changed the name from “Course and Offering Registration and Cancellation System” to “ASHA CE Provider Portal;” this is intentional. The site is now a true portal that provides a gateway to information about your courses, offerings, and participants. You won't need to wait for an email from us to get your rosters or find out that we require additional information for that course you submitted for registration. It will all be available on the CE Provider Portal in your Dashboard. You’ll need to come to the Portal often to see what actions you should take and to discover the dates other actions are due.

You should have received several emails in the last month covering various new features of the Portal. We have included information below so that you will have the new features all in one place. In addition to this issue of the newsletter, we’ve also created the ASHA CE Provider Portal User Guide, [PDF] which provides step-by-step instructions on how to register courses and offerings (much of this is the same as before), review and change rosters (this is new!), and run custom reports (also new) so you can better manage your data.

Also in this issue, we’ve broken down the sections of the Portal under the headings in the Portal’s navigation bar. We’ve highlighted the changes made and the new options for you to use when you’re ready. Please note: you don’t have to change the way you currently report. You will have to review and make changes to rosters in the Portal, however. The Roster Change web form is no longer available.

We hope that these changes are as exciting for you as they are for our ASHA CE team. As always, CE staff members will be happy to work with you to better understand and use these new features. The ASHA CE Provider Portal is here!


2021 Provider Fee Invoice

Your organization’s 2021 annual ASHA CE Provider fee is due by December 31, 2020. ASHA CE will email these invoices to CE Administrators later this month. If you don't receive this email, please contact your Accounts Manager. We understand that some organizations may be facing financial challenges because of COVID-19. If this is true for your organization, please contact Carrie Stanley at AFTER receiving the invoice. We will work with you to help your organization maintain its Provider status for 2021.

ASHA CE offers you the convenient, secure option of paying invoices online. Pay your annual fee online with Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. You'll need the invoice number and account number that appears in the upper right corner of the invoice. An Internal Revenue Service W-9 form is also available within the payment system, if needed.

ASHA CE Brand Refresh

ASHA Continuing Education (CE) is excited to share a preview of the new ASHA CE logo, ASHA CE Approved Provider brand block, and ASHA CE Provider insignia designs. As you may notice, the redesigned brand block and insignia are in keeping with our full ASHA CE brand redesign. Although these updated brand visuals will be available for use by the end of fall 2020, you’ll have at least 1 year to replace the old version of the brand block and insignia before use of the new versions is required. Below are samples of the new logo designs and brief explanations of the design concepts for each.


CE Logo

In the new ASHA CE brand block, the bold CE block letters and teal color have been replaced with a sleeker typeface, using fuchsia and blue in the logo for a pop of color. Encircling the ASHA logo are three arrows, growing bolder in color as they rotate around the ASHA logo. This imagery not only symbolizes a dedication to continual professional growth and the enhancement of knowledge and skills but also links ASHA CE to ASHA as a whole through use of the Association’s logo.

ASHA Approved CE Provider Insignia

CE Approved Provider Insignia

The ASHA CE Approved Provider Insignia is a recognizable image that you may use to promote your status as an organization approved to offer courses for ASHA continuing education units (ASHA CEUs). The new insignia incorporates elements of the ASHA CE logo, which makes it easier for learners to recognize the Provider’s relationship with ASHA CE. With the new streamlined look, learners can easily identify that your organization is an ASHA Approved CE Provider and offers ASHA CEUs.

ASHA Approved CE Provider Brand Block

Horizontal example:

CE Approved Provider Brand - A

Vertical example:

CE Approved Provider Brand - B

Use the ASHA Approved CE Provider brand block on primary promotional material to help learners easily identify a course that is offered for ASHA CEUs and the name of the Provider who registered the course. We’ve redesigned the brand block to feature the ASHA logo and acronym prominently while tying in elements of the ASHA CE logo and insignia as well. Once we formally introduce the redesigned brand block, Providers will have access to a package that includes (1) a color version and (2) a black and white version—formatted horizontally and vertically, as shown above. As part of the new design, there is also a version of the brand block that includes the ASHA CEU amount and instructional level within the brand block itself—to highlight this information and make it easy for learners to find. As we finalize the new brand block and insignia and as we implement the new requirements for use, ASHA CE will continue to keep you updated. Be on the lookout for more information in the upcoming months!


ASHA CE Provider Portal Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first page you’ll land on when you access the ASHA CE Provider Portal. It provides a bird’s-eye view to help you manage your course and offering registration, reporting, and rosters. The Dashboard also highlights items that require attention.   

Here’s some of the information included on the Dashboard:   

  • Provider Information includes your Provider name, the name and contact information for your Provider Manager, and the name and contact information for your Accounts Manager.   
  • The Navigation Bar appears on every page of the ASHA CE Provider Portal and includes the following options:
    • Dashboard – where you can return to the Dashboard from any other section. 
    • Registration and Cancellation – where you can submit course and offering registrations, review your pending courses and registered course information, review offerings that require attention, cancel course offerings, and access cooperative fee invoices and receipts. 
    • Reporting and Rosters – where you can report on course offerings using ASHA CE’s Excel Reporting Template, view the status of Excel reporting files that are being processed, report on offerings with zero participants requesting ASHA CEUs, review and request corrections to course offering rosters, and access your archived rosters.
    • Custom Reports – where you can generate custom reports, including a custom list of your organization’s registered courses and offerings, a custom list of participants reported in your offerings, and a list of offering reporting that is due soon.  
  • Courses That Require Attention provides the number of  course registrations that need your attention.  
  • Offerings That Require Attention provides the number of course offerings that need your attention.  
  • Reporting That Requires Attention provides the number of course offerings with reporting that need your attention.  
  • Rosters That Require Attention provides information on course offerings with rosters that need your attention.   
  • Provider Status lists your organization’s ASHA Approved CE Provider status, along with an explanation.   
  • Current Provider Personnel lists your organization’s current Provider personnel, including the CE Administrator (CEA), CE Content Consultant (if applicable), the CEA’s Supervisor/Alternate Contact, and Administrative Assistant/Administrative Support (if applicable). It also includes a link to the Request to Change CE Provider Personnel form if you need to request a change.

The Dashboard provides information organized in an intuitive way to assist you with your course and offering registration, reporting, and rosters. For more information, please see the “Dashboard” section of the ASHA CE Provider Portal User Guide [PDF].

ASHA CE Provider Portal Registration and Cancellation   

The “Registration and Cancellation” section of the ASHA CE Provider Portal is very similar to what you’re used to seeing when you register courses and cancel offerings. That being said, we did make a couple of enhancements based on feedback we heard from CEAs. We think that these improvements will make course registration easier for you! 

For starters, you can now preview your uploaded documents before you submit your course registrations. This was not possible in our prior version but was added to the ASHA CE Provider Portal as a way to double-check that your documents indeed contain the correct information. 

In addition, self-study (asynchronous) courses are being streamlined for your convenience. ASHA CE heard your feedback. With the introduction of the ASHA CE Provider Portal, offerings of self-study courses will be automatically generated as monthly offerings! No more tediously entering offering after offering; instead, the system will generate monthly offerings for the course—either for the whole validity period or for a smaller block of time. The new feature of monthly offerings means that  participants will receive their ASHA CEUs faster, and our data show that CE Providers with monthly offerings are more likely to stay compliant in meeting reporting deadlines. Simply put, all offerings (except for the last offering) will end on the last day of the month, and reporting for each of your self-study offerings will be due 45 days after the last date of each month. This change won’t impact courses and offerings registered prior to the launch of the ASHA CE Provider Portal.

As a reminder, ASHA CE’s policy is that you must submit the cooperative fee at the time of course submission for all cooperative courses. This means that if you register a cooperative self-study course, both parties understand that

  • monthly offerings will be generated automatically,
  • the first offering will have a $325 fee associated with it, and
  • each additional offering will have a $50 fee associated with it.

For any cooperative party that wants to submit a self-study, you must (a) inform them that offerings must be monthly and (b) explain the necessary fees.

We believe that these changes to course registration will enhance your experience registering courses and offerings. For more detailed information about these new features, see the “Registration and Cancellation” section of the ASHA CE Provider Portal User Guide [PDF].

ASHA CE Provider Portal Reporting and Rosters 

The new Portal is not a “one-size-fits-all” platform; you can choose from many different options! For example, in addition to reporting as you do currently—whether that’s through faxing, mailing paper forms, or submitting electronic (.CSV) reporting—you’ll also be able to report participants in your courses using this Excel Spreadsheet Template [XLS], which you can upload into the ASHA CE Provider Portal. If you’re unsure about which reporting option to use, we’ve provided this handy decision tree to help you select the best choice for your organization. If you decide to use the Excel option, we have instructions [PDF] available to help you navigate that option.  

Now that the this new system is live, rosters can be reviewed, corrected, and updated directly within the Portal. You can also download a copy of your rosters at your convenience. When a roster is generated, the ASHA CE Provider Portal will indicate whether it was unable to initially match a participant’s name(s) and/or account number with our records. You’ll want to track which rosters you’ve already reviewed and which ones you have yet to review. We would recommend adding your requested roster changes and submitting them all at once. In addition to all of these new ways to manage your rosters, we’ll also archive rosters in the ASHA CE Provider Portal for 2 years following their “Roster Corrections Due By” date. If you need to find a roster for your records, then search your current and archived rosters to locate the roster you’re looking for.

For more information on reporting and rosters, please see the “Reporting and Rosters” section of the ASHA CE Provider Portal User Guide [PDF]. 

ASHA CE Provider Portal Custom Reports

“Custom Reports” is a new feature within the ASHA CE Provider Portal. It allows you to generate your own course offering reports and participant reports. The Portal has three available custom reports:  

  • Courses and Offerings List – This custom report provides a complete listing of courses and offerings (within current course validity dates). Use this report to verify what has been registered in the system.  
  • Participant Listing – This custom report provides a listing of all participants who completed offerings between the two dates that you enter (within the last 2 years). Use this report to manage rosters on a larger scale, especially when reporting multiple offerings at once.  
  • Reporting Due Soon – This custom report helps you manage your offering reporting deadlines as well as offerings that are past due. The report includes offerings that have due dates within your selected date range. ASHA CE will stop sending “Due Soon Notifications” in the near future. You can run Due Soon reports at your convenience.

Using this new feature, you’ll just enter your date range, click a button, and—voila!—the report data is housed in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. To guarantee a successful download, make sure to turn off your browser’s popup blocker for this page.

For more information, please see the “Custom Reports” section of the ASHA CE Provider Portal User Guide [PDF].

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