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March 2022

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Intersections is the quarterly e-newsletter distributed to ASHA Approved Continuing Education Providers to connect and exchange ideas in order to better accomplish their continuing education activities.

In this issue:


Revised CEB Standards - Update

A call-for-comments survey on proposed revisions to the current 12 Continuing Education Board (CEB) Requirements recently concluded. Thank you to all who responded to the survey. All feedback is being reviewed by ASHA CE staff and a CEB subcommittee.

The CEB subcommittee will make modifications based on the feedback, as appropriate, and will present the final standards to the full CEB. After the standards are approved, ASHA CE will release a transition plan to all approved Providers. This plan will include the following components:

  • An established transition phase to allow all ASHA Approved CE Providers to prepare to meet the expectations of the revised standards.
  • Education and resources to support successful adoption of revised standards.
  • Development of a policies document containing operational and administrative requirements that have been removed from the standards but will still be required from all ASHA Approved CE Providers. These items include eligibility and approval/reapproval requirements, course planning expectations, submission deadlines, required learner policies, and more.

The current CEB Requirements remain in place during this process, and all ASHA Approved CE Providers should continue to comply with them.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Hasselkus (Director, CE Standards and Compliance) at


Keep Your Learners’ Personal Information Secure in Your Interactions with ASHA CE

We all see the news about data breaches leaving personal information exposed, from email addresses to social security numbers and everything between. Information security has long been a priority for ASHA, and ASHA CE is doing our part to ensure that individuals’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is secure. But we need your help!

Before addressing what you can do to keep your learners’ PII safe, it’s important to understand what data is considered PII. When we’re talking about PII, this information includes but is not limited to:

  • names
  • email addresses
  • mailing addresses
  • phone numbers
  • ASHA account numbers

The biggest concern in your interactions with ASHA CE is when reporting information is emailed rather than submitted through one of our secure reporting options. When you report participants via CSV file or excel reporting it’s through a secure system. The information you submit is protected when using either of these options, and there’s nothing to worry about. However, occasionally Providers who have trouble submitting their reporting will email reporting to their Accounts Manager or Provider Manager. That’s when your learners’ PII is most vulnerable. It’s important to avoid sending PII in the body or subject line of an email, or attach any document (excel, CSV, Word, PDF, etc.) that includes PII to an email.

If you ever have any issues reporting using a CSV file or through the Provider Portal using an excel file, please reach out to your Accounts Manager to discuss other options. They’ll help you submit your reporting safely. Under no circumstances should you email reporting containing individual’s PII to your Provider Management team. Working together, we can keep our customers’ PII safe and secure!


New Promotional Material Guide and Your Transition to the New Brand Block

ASHA CE is excited to share our new Promotional Materials Guide [PDF] to assist CE Administrators with developing their course promotions! The guide explains what information you must include in your primary promotional material according to the ASHA CE Board Requirements. It also covers course details that are nice to include in the promotional material—as well as information that shouldn’t be included. The guide provides links to helpful resources on the CE Provider home page along with a variety of sample promotional materials that address different course scenarios. Among other useful tidbits, the guide offers suggestions about how to integrate your new Brand Block into your course promotional material templates. This information is especially important right now, because . . .

The deadline to start using the new Brand Block in your course promotional material is July 1, 2022.

Now’s the time to transition from the old Brand Block to the new one! If you have any questions about how to use the new Brand Block, check out the new Promotional Materials Guide [PDF].

If you can’t find your new Brand Block and need us to resend it, please reach out to your Provider Manager to let them know. They can also help with any questions you have about your promotional material.

Looking for more info about the new Brand Block? Explore our articles from past issues of Intersections:

ASHA CE Is Eliminating Appeals and Adopting Consultations

By now you’ve probably heard that we’re eliminating appeals and adopting a new approach to support ASHA Approved CE Providers’ adherence to the CE Board Requirements. Moving forward, CE won’t require appeals and the associated appeal fees in instances where the Requirements aren’t met. We’ve replaced the appeals process with a more consultative approach. Your Provider Management team (Provider Manager and Accounts Manager) will work collaboratively with you and discuss issues with registration or reporting, assess the circumstances surrounding missed Requirement(s), and help you find and implement a solution. We’re moving from appeals to answers—and from fees to fixes!

We started the process of evaluating our approach to supporting Providers’ adherence to the CE Board Requirements in 2019. This new approach is the result of interviews and feedback from a broad spectrum of our ASHA Approved CE Providers. Many thanks to all of you who shared your experiences, your ideas, and your frank assessment of our appeals system.

So, how will this work? This workflow [PDF] provides a good introduction of our new approach, but the general idea is that your Provider Manager or Accounts Manager will collaborate with you to explore what happened leading up to your getting notified that you haven’t met a certain CE Board Requirement. If we find a systemic issue, we’ll meet with you to formulate a plan and establish a timeframe to resolve the issue. In many cases, this plan will work. If the action plan doesn’t address the problem, you’ll continue to work with your Provider Management team to adjust the plan until together we reach a resolution.

Under our new approach, the focus is on helping you identify and correct the root cause of an issue, which should prevent the same thing from happening in the future. This saves you time and ensures that course participants will receive their ASHA continuing education units (CEUs) without delay!

Compliance issues that occurred prior to March 1, 2022, will still be addressed through our existing appeals process, and fees may be assessed. These issues include late course or offering registration, late course or offering reporting, noncompliant courses (i.e., missing Brand Block or missing disclosures), inaccurate reporting, and late roster correction. Issues that occur on or after March 1 will be handled using the new compliance model.

We’ll have an agile rollout for the new approach, and it’s possible that we’ll make changes if we find it necessary. However, our focus won’t change—working with you to find solutions! Please reach out to your Provider Manager or Accounts Manager if you have any questions.

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