CE Administrator Orientation Materials

CEA Tutorial

The CEA Tutorial is a guide to the CEB's policies and procedures for registering and reporting on courses offered for ASHA CEUs. All new CEAs are required to read the tutorial and take the quizzes. All experienced CEAs are welcome to use the tutorial as a review and reference tool. Topics include how to: fill out required forms, locate course planning resources, and meet all timelines.

Independent Study Orientation

Describes what an independent study is and provides guidance on completing the independent study activity form and meeting timelines.

Pilot Study Orientation

Explains the purpose of a pilot study and discusses how to conduct, report, and use the results of a pilot study.

Peer Review Orientation

Details what the peer review is and what peer reviewers assess. Discusses qualifications of peer reviewers and provides specifics on peer review dates and validity periods.

Peer Review Orientation - Periodicals (Journals and Newsletters)

Provides more specific information about the peer review process when the product is a periodical. First read the general Peer Review Orientation (above) to gain an overview of the peer review process.

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