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Appeals are Out, Consultations are In

Big news from ASHA Continuing Education (CE)! Do you remember appeals and appeal fees? Well now they’re only a memory because we’re eliminating them and adopting a new approach to support ASHA CE Approved Providers’ adherence to the CE Board Requirements. Starting today, March 1, 2022, CE won’t require appeals and the associated appeal fees in instances where the Requirements aren’t met. We’ve replaced the appeals process with a more consultative and collaborative approach. Now, your Provider Management team (Provider Manager and Accounts Manager) will work with you to discuss issues with registration or reporting, assess the circumstances surrounding missed Requirement(s), and implement a solution. We’re moving from appeals to answers, and from fees to fixes!

The Details

So, how will the new approach work? This consultation workflow [PDF] provides a good introduction of what will happen when a CE Board Requirement isn’t met. The general idea is as follows:

1. You’ll have a discussion with your Provider Manager or Accounts Manage to explore what happened.

The purpose of this initial conversation is to find the cause and determine the best course of action. As an example: you submit something late and you explain to your Provider Management team that, “There was an emergency that prevented me from meeting the deadline.” If a similar issue hasn’t occurred multiple times within your current 5-year review period, we’ll consider this issue resolved. In instances like these it’s unlikely the same problem will occur again. 

If we find that the issue is systemic, then

2. We’ll set up a meeting with you and your team to formulate a plan to ensure the same issue doesn’t happen again.

During this meeting, you and your Provider Management team will create and document a plan. Together, you’ll establish a timeframe by which changes will be made to resolve the issue.

From there, one of the following will happen:

3. If your organization follows the plan and the issue doesn’t occur again in the agreed upon timeframe, then we consider the issue resolved.

4. If the plan doesn’t address the problem within the timeframe, you’ll meet with your Provider Management team again to adjust the plan to ensure the issue is successfully resolved.

Compliance issues that occurred prior to March 1, 2022, will be addressed through the existing appeals process and fees may be assessed. These issues include late course or offering registration, late course offering reporting, non-compliant courses (missing brand block or disclosures), inaccurate reporting and late roster correction. Issues that occur on or after March 1 will be handled using this new compliance model.

The Background

We started the process of evaluating our approach to supporting Provider’s adherence to the CE Board Requirements in 2019. This new approach is the result of interviews and feedback from a broad spectrum of ASHA Approved CE Providers. Many thanks to all of you who shared your experiences, your ideas, and your frank assessment of our appeals system.

The Benefits

The headline is the elimination of appeals and the associated fees, but there are other benefits as well. Working under our new approach, we’ll collaborate with Providers to identify and correct the root cause of an issue, which should prevent the same issue from occurring in the future. This saves you time and ensures that course participants will receive their ASHA CEUs without delay!

We’ll have an agile rollout for the new approach, so it’s possible we’ll make changes if we find it necessary. However, our focus won’t change — working with you to find solutions. Please reach out to your Provider Manager or Accounts Manager if you have any questions.

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