Why Did I Receive an Invoice for the ASHA CE Registry?

You received an invoice because you completed a course offered by an ASHA-Approved CE Provider and qualified for ASHA CEUs. However, we haven't received your ASHA CE Registry fee. Please pay the ASHA CE Registry fee, and the ASHA CE Registry will keep a permanent record of these ASHA CEUs and all other ASHA CEUs completed in the calendar year.

The benefits of using the ASHA CE Registry include:

  • ASHA CE transcript: View your transcript online or order an official CE transcript.
  • National Recognition: State licensure boards accept ASHA CEUs toward license renewal.
  • Certification Maintenance: Once you accrue 3.0 ASHA CEUs in your interval, we will notify the Certification department of your compliance.
  • Clinical Specialty Certification: Send your ASHA CE transcript as documentation of advanced professional education when applying to become a Board Certified Specialist (BCS).
  • Convenience: The ASHA CE Registry tracks your ASHA CEUs and keeps continuing education records organized.
  • Peace of Mind: Fire, flood, or spilled coffee...any of these can destroy certificates of attendance. The ASHA CE Registry is a permanent record. We've done the disaster planning for you.
  • Customer Service: Call, write, or e-mail. Knowledgeable and friendly ASHA CE Registry staff will assist you promptly.
  • Find Courses: Get easy access to more than 33,000 courses offered annually by ASHA-Approved CE Providers.

We're confident you'll recognize the benefits of the Registry and pay the ASHA CE Registry fee. However, if you do not want ASHA CE to maintain your records, please let us know; we'll remove the course(s) and ASHA CEUs from your ASHA CE record.

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