Tell ASHA Why You Love the Professions

Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) is the perfect time to share your passion with the world! Use the BHSM “Love the Professions” signs [PDF] to tell your story about why you love being an audiologist or SLP. There are also signs for assistants; CSD students; and patients, clients, and students.

Select the appropriate sign [PDF], print it, and write in your answer. You can use these in various ways. Snap a photograph for social media sharing (tag ASHA if you’d like). You can also display a sign in your office, pin them on bulletin boards, or showcase in other common areas of your workplace. The signs can also be a jumping off point for a blog post, conversation, or presentation that celebrates the professions and inspires the next generation of CSD professionals.

Find more free resources on the BHSM member resource page.

2023 BHSM - Vicki-Deal-Williams


2023 BHSM - Jaime Van Echo

2023 BHSM - Donna Smiley


2023 BHSM - Bria Collins

2023 BHSM - Stacey Glasgow


2023 BHSM - Marquitta Merkison

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