BHSM Stories: Workforce and Technology Center

Baltimore, Maryland

Our facility is a comprehensive vocational rehabilitation center which serves individuals throughout the state. We are part of the Division of Rehabilitation in Maryland and have offices in all regions of the state. Although we provide services to our clients and students, we do not usually provide similar services to our staff.

In May we had a Staff Health Fair which provided a number of opportunities for staff members to monitor their own health and wellness. We conducted Audiology screening in our department. This brought people in, not only for the test, but to obtain other information about noise pollution, tinnitus, hearing loss in children and seniors, telecommunications, etc. Those seen for screening also received some of the BHSM goodies (post-its, emery boards, pens) as well as a copy of their own screening results and full explanation and recommendations. This was so popular that some agency staff from our other offices made the two hour trip so they could be first in line for their hearing tests! We also made staff appointments throughout May for those who could not attend the Health Fair. This has been a very important part of supporting our staff in "learning through doing."

As a related promotional piece, staff workshops were offered in May on the "Mysteries of Hearing Aids;" these will definitely continue year round.

Submitted by: Esther Miller, CCC-A

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