BHSM Stories: Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children serves children with visual impairments who also have associating multiple disabilities. We have celebrated Better Hearing and Speech Month in numerous ways. We have nine SLPs on staff here and one year we all ordered T-shirts and participated in our version of Hollywood Squares. The entire student body was invited to watch our version of the popular TV show as we shared our information about speech, language, and hearing.

We have also had a decorating contest where each classroom received a letter and was asked to decorate it. The final results were posted in a hallway and spelled out: "Better Hearing and Speech Month." Since our students don't see well, the letters were decorated with textures such as carpet, macaroni, sand, etc. It made for a very nice artistic environment where people came to experience their artwork and the staff could then read the fun facts.

We also created a bulletin board with fun facts, such as how much saliva a person produces in his/her lifetime. People were shocked and amazed. Reactions were as fun as the facts to observe.

One of our staff in dually certified in Audiology and during May she offers free ear checks and hearing screenings for staff and children of staff in the on-site day care.

May is such a fun month for us here!

Submitted by: Deb Coletta, MA, CCC/SLP-A

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