BHSM Stories: Research Patient Rights

Boston, Massachusetts

ASHA's mission is to raise awareness that will make effective communication a human right, accessible and achievable for all and we hope we can aid this mission by helping share our story and commitment to help raise awareness.

In 2013, I am committed to help resolve an injustice for people who literally lost their ability to speak. In my New Years Resolution Action Plan, I am challenging myself to take on a moral and social responsibility to help fellow Americans who lost their speech, support, and hope. Raising awareness of aphasia will introduce this great nation to over a million amazing and inspiring people who need our voice to ensure access to a better quality of life and to help protect their constitutional rights.

In January we submitted a rehab video to stress the need for continued brain research for aphasia.

In March we participated in the Brain injury awareness campaign and shared our story of my mother's loss of speech.

In April we worked with Massachusetts legislator to submit legislation to establish an Aphasia Awareness Commission in Massachusetts.

In June we will be holding an Aphasia Awareness Day at the State House in Boston.

We hope our efforts as well as all the events in May for Better Hearing and Speech month will raise awareness about communication disorders and help to promote treatments that will improve the quality of life for those who have lost their ability to communicate.

Thank you for providing such a great resource for families whose lives are turned upside down when a family member or friend’s ability to communicate is suddenly taken away. Having a resource to find speech pathologists and resources to advocate at all levels of government is wonderful.

Submitted by: Karen Kelly, CCC-SLP

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