BHSM Stories: Perry Public Schools

Perry, Michigan

At my school, we celebrated Better Speech and Hearing Month by hosting a speech-language ice cream social. Parents donated toppings galore and the kids had a blast being able to choose from any kind of topping imaginable...even gummy spiders! Our speech-language students, parents, and staff were invited. Materials, games and books we use during therapy were available on tables for kids and adults to play with and explore. The information by grade level available on the ASHA website was also available to parents and staff. The coloring contest pages were on another table along with crayons and colored pencils for the kids to draw their reflections of speech-language therapy. Following our celebration, we hung the drawings outside the "speech-language room" to display until we have to get them in the mail to you! Our gift to teachers was a bottle of water with information regarding voice and vocal hygiene.

Thanks for all your ideas! We had a blast celebrating this month.

Submitted by: Dori Helm, MA, CCC-SLP

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