BHSM Stories: Newfield Central School District

Newfield, New York

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month is alive and flourishing in the small town of Newfield, New York!

In honor of May is Better Speech and Hearing Month, my colleague Peggy Roe and I have sponsored an informational and communication-themed contest yearly in our central New York district of Newfield. We have found the information to be invaluable to parents, teachers and staff. It is definitely something that the kids look forward to as well as the adults.

Last year's theme was greater understanding of figurative language with a focus on the meanings and origins of commonly used English proverbs and idioms. A weekly expression was shared on Monday and answers were due Thursday afternoon (1 per class). Classes guessed true meanings and we read them, as well as the actual meaning and origin, over the public-address system once a week. They were not only creative but extremely entertaining!

This year we will offer two contests as well as a professional courtesy to the staff and their spouses by offering hearing screenings. Both contest spin off of ASHA's theme of "Communication is Key." The hearing screenings will be available in part due to the assistance of local graduate students from both Peg's and my alma mater: Ithaca College! This year's pre-K to 1st grade will brainstorm as many ways possible to communicate, while 2nd to 5th grades will participate in a classroom brainstorming activities that promote problem solving of various peer scenarios/situations that pertain to our children's use of appropriate decision making and behaviors. Public-address announcements will occur weekly to share these great ideas of ways to problem solve in addition to the many, unusual ways we can communicate in life.

We are sure that many student ideas will be generated in all classrooms at Newfield Elementary for both these contests and as always we greatly appreciate our colleagues highlighting the importance of our profession through their participation!

Submitted by:
Kathleen Millier, SLP
Newfield Central School District

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