BHSM Stories: My Baby Compass, LLC

Charlotte, North Carolina

I worked as a speech pathologist for over 35 years in all types of settings. I retired and was going to write a simple pamphlet for my friends and family that had developmental milestone questions about their children. Three manuals, 14 booklets, CD rom and now producing grew into My Baby Compass. I had so many professionals and families give me wonderful compliments that I decided to put it on and see if people liked it. It has five star ratings. Then an agency in New York "discovered me" last week. I am now in media training to go on ABC news, The View, GMA, numerous radio interviews, magazine interviews, and USA today. I have 46 appointments to date. I hope to get out the word to the public locally in Charlotte, North Carolina, nationally, and internationally.

Submitted by: Kathryn Gruhn

ASHA Corporate Partners