BHSM Stories: Lynchburg, Virginia

Residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, located in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, are learning about BHSM through the official proclamation by Mayor Joan F. Foster. A special "thank you" was given for the continued efforts of Carol Brown-Hubbard, a speech-language pathologist in Lynchburg. For the past 22 years, Carol has succeeded in gaining official recognition for BHSM from each Lynchburg, Virginia mayor's office to proclaim May is Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Pictured below is Carol Brown-Hubbard with each of Lynchburg, Virginia's mayors since 1989 promoting BHSM:

Lynchburg 1

SLP Carol Brown-Hubbard with Mayor Jimmy Bryan, 1989

Lynchburg 2

SLP Carol Brown-Hubbard with Mayor Carl Hutcherson, Jr., 2002

Lynchburg 3

SLP Carol Brown-Hubbard with Mayor Joan F. Foster, 2011

Submitted by:
Carol Brown-Hubbard, SLP 

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