BHSM Stories: Lodi School District

Lodi, Wisconsin

My co-worker and SLP (Molly) was incredible this year! She involved the whole school in several activities. For the first week of May, she sent out an informational sheet that was included in the May school newsletter. The second week, I sent out the websites to teachers for listen to your buds and the voice academy. For the third week, we had an announcement with a BHSM challenge for the kids: Monday was "Opposites" day, Molly created picture cards showing one part of the opposite. The kids could lift the picture up to find the answer and these cards were posted all around the school. Tuesday was "Category" day. Kids were to look for things that go with the school category (a few examples were given). Wednesday was "Syllables & rhyming" day. Molly created posters with pictures and then asked the kids to either see how many syllables were in the words pictured or think of a word that rhymed with one of the pictures on the poster. Thursday was "Sign language" day, Molly took pictures of staff members (including teachers, assistants, custodians, secretaries, school nurse, etc) doing various signs. She made a poster showing and saying the sign the staff member demonstrated and then these were placed all around the school. Friday was "S sound" day. Students were challenged to spy for things around the school that have the /s/ sound in them (any position) and were reminded to keep their tongues behind their teeth for this sound.

The last day of May was "Save your hearing" day. We discussed how people can safely participate in loud activities and had students dress like their favorite musician. Molly wrote up the plan & had it distributed to all of the students in the school.

I just thought she did an outstanding job!

Submitted by: Ivy Anderson, CCC-SLP

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