BHSM Stories: Lakeside Hospital

Omaha, Nebraska

Client Mary M. wrote several poems to honor her speech-Language pathologists and to express her feeling about her voice before and after treatment. She hopes these poems recognize the hard work of SLPs everywhere who help their clients, in her words "work hard, achieve their goals and find their own way to hope."

Poem 1

Tragedy strikes
Disaster begins
Hope fades
Prayers prayed
Excellent surgeon
Miracles happen
Thank you Doctor
Thank you God

Poem 2

Perfect Harmony
The world communicates
All in their own magical way
From fish, insects, animals even humans
And others we have yet to encounter
Oh! Listen closely, hear the wind
And the whispering of the trees
Brilliant streams of sounds
Like music to the ears

Submitted by: Mary Underwood, MA, CCC-SLP

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