BHSM Stories: Kemp Mill Elementary School

Kemp Mill Elementary School - photo 1Silver Spring, Maryland

To recognize Better Hearing and Speech Month, Lauren Polovoy, MA, CCC-SLP, the speech-language pathologist at Kemp Mill Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland, made copies of a recent ASHA Leader article on teachers and voice. She highlighted the excerpt "Teachers are the largest group of Americans who can't do their job without their voice," and attached copies to water bottles. Each teacher in the school received a water bottle with the article attached.

Kemp Mill Elementary School - photo BShe also decorated the wall in the hall outside of her speech room with some "did you know" facts about speech and hearing, including factors that contribute to communication deficits, stuttering statistics, and the importance of distinguishing a language difference from a language disorder.

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Lauren Polovoy, MA, CCC-SLP

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